Last night Edmund received a text from BDO saying that his credit card was put on hold due to a suspicious alert. They would like to validate a transaction with NETFLIX for $1.07 made on September 13, 2018. He was instructed to call 632-702-6888 if Edmund does not recognize the transaction. There was another similar message yesterday morning for NETFLIX in the amount of Pesos 16,900 charged to Edmund’s BDO card.

According to him he hasn’t used this card for at least a year.

It took about half an hour before someone from BDO’s fraud unit answered the trunk line. Nakakapagod. She said their lines have been busy because of Netflix. She didn’t elaborate. Maybe the hackers blasted thousands of BDO credit cards. BDO could have a problem with their security system, bakit sila lang ang na hack.

Edmund had his BDO credit card immediately cancelled.


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14 thoughts on “BDO credit card hacked

  1. Mine was hacked too! good thing yung charges with significant amounts didn’t go through. but may small charges parin na repeated. hassle. but I noticed that this is the second time something like this happened to my card after using it at landers arcovia for getting food. this happened with two cards from different banks.

  2. Just got my mastercard bill-only booked once in airbnb and got charged twice. Do says ive to contact airbnb to check otherwise if an investigation pushes through, i’ll be charged. Aray ko! Did anyone here have the same experience?

  3. Yes, some Philippine credit card companies still demand that the charges be paid by the credit card holder while the case is under investigation. That should not be the case. Cardholders should withhold payment.

    Write them a letter, send an email, call, do all of the above so you have a record. Inform them that you are not going to pay for the double charge.

  4. Thank you for this article for providing the trunkline number. Mine just got hacked! Used for iTunes x 6 transactions that got through, one failed attempt for Spotify, and one failed attempt for Netflix. The only new location in which I swiped the card was in that pasalubong store in Cebu! Asar!

      1. Hi,

        Did your credit company reverse the charges. I am having the same issue. Multiple itunes charges (x10 799php each).

  5. Something’s seriously wrong with this bank’s Creditcard Security since this problem still holds true up until today. I was hacked last August, with 13 transactions. Groceries and Shopee lang naman last transactions ko na ilang taon ko nang ginagawa. A friend of mine also got hacked last night, a hefty EUR x2 transactions!
    2021 na po, same issue pa rin?

    1. Same. This October BDO Visa Gold have Netflix and Wyre Payments transactions. 5 transactions in 10min. For almost P90k!!!!

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