My sister is very creative and resourceful. She is always the one assigned to the parlor games department because she has the talent and interest for it.

She prepared a few games for our Christmas Party but due to lack of time, we got to play only BING BONG DICE. Dapat the title is BONG BONG DICE kasi she’s a Bongbong Marcos supporter. Her husband Bong, is a solid Duterte supporter and campaign leader but he is not for BBM daw. Kuya Romy and Ate Ella are for Leni and Kiko but their two sons are for BBM, and one for Leni. Ganyan ang demokrasya, iba-iba ang ipinangangampanya.

Bing Bong Dice,

Len spent a thousand dollars to buy game prizes we all loved. They were practical and useable. Ziploc, Dawn dishwashing liquid, etc.

Bing Bong Dice

Edmund thought he won the grand price.

(Acknowledgment: Background music used— Christmas Without You by Ava Max)

We both got so tired preparing for our family Christmas gathering but it was worth it.
Traveling is becoming more and more difficult. Viruses, work, jet lags, old age, time constraints, unpredictable weather conditions due to global warming.
I don’t know how many more times I would be able to cross continents to host, attend our family reunions. Ten? I hope many many more.


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