Downside of Dog Ownership10:00 AM Monday March 29, 2021 |

I woke up at 6:32 am this morning finding Stitch’s poo and pee scattered in my bathroom. When things like this happens, and they often do, it reminds me that having dogs can also be stressful. Without the presence of maids, it would be difficult to maintain the total number of dogs that we have. Stress sa office, stress sa bahay. There was a time when our maids didn’t last. Some stayed for a day or less, some for two, 3, 5, 7 days and the most was a week. During phone interviews, I had to ask if they like dogs, afraid of dogs, everything related with dogs. Some say they don’t mind having dogs around when they arrive here and see that we have more than 1, they back out. Some, freak out.

It’s too early in the morning to call either Norma or Jebel, the only two people allowed, officially, to enter our bedrooms. I decided to just be the one to clean Stitch’s mess.

He pooed on the two white towels I used as floor rug. He peed right on the skirt of my ottoman. Hay naku Stitch.

First I dumped his poo into the toilet bowl and flashed them down the drain. Then I wiped the floor with liquid soap which could be dangerous so I did that while squatting. I didn’t stand and walk otherwise I could slip again and fall and hit my head. POK!

After a thorough wipe down, I put a generous amount of alcohol to disinfect the areas touched by his soaked fee and the big fee spot.

In the US we have two sprays, floor / rug cleaner, and disinfectant.

The two little girls have started messing our floors too. Their pee are still konti but they could stain and dirty our floors. It’s not a good situation when we accidentally step on dog’s puddle. Oyen caught Pixie attempting to eat her poo. Yikes!

The upside….
They keep us entertained, nalilibang kami.

Lucy is going blind and has mellowed, but she bit our driver two weeks ago. She thought he was stealing her food.

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