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We hired a labandera from an employment agency in February of 2020. In just a few days she was already the subject of many complaints from Antonia, and from the other maids. I wanted to let her go but the other maids forgave her and unanimously voted to give her a second chance. I wanted to dismiss her before my daughter and I left for the US kasi she has nothing to do here naman because we would be away for two months but medyo naawa rin ako. Sobra syang swerte because she had nothing to do while here. Wala naman kami kaya wala syang ipaglalaba. Ang routine nya lang ay kumain, magtelepono, manood ng teleserye, magtelepono, kumain, magtelepono, manood ng tv, kumain, magtelepono, at matulog ng tanghali at gabi. Edmund said okay lang daw, parang charity na lang. Free full board and lodging, wifi, entertainment. Lalo pasyang sinuwerte, dito sya na-lockdown. She had a grand vacation here.
We only fired her when she tried to kill Antinola. The HOA admin informed me that she was applying to another household within the same village and the would be employers were inquiring about her character. She wasn’t hired the first time but I knew that she would eventually find employment around here. Maids, drivers, bodyguards, caregivers, are highly in demand and true enough, she found employment in the house across some deceased congressman’s house, 5 lots away from ours. She was fired too for reasons unknown. We don’t know where she is now, maybe living in another house several blocks from here.
Hiring her was a mistake because she was a bad person. Not firing her after the maids’ many complaints was a bigger mistake but just like what my husband said, tulong na lang namin yung food, tirahan, and sweldo nya for 6 months.

Edmund hired another labandera as soon as he arrived last October but that too was palpak. Naglalasing and inaaway din ang mga kasamahan nya. She took liberties going inside our bedroom without any permission, so Edmund immediately fired her.

At the beginning of this year, after we arrived from Baguio, we hired a new labandera named Bonifacia.
She was recommended to us by Malou, a neighbor’s mayordoma. She’s the wife daw of Malou’s cousin. Based on our experience, most of the things our domestic helpers tell us are either not true or inaccurate.

Bonifacia arrived on January 3, 2021. She and Jebel quarantined at the same time for two weeks in the drivers’ quarters. They got along well. Boni snored so loudly as complained by the other maids and the most vocal was Antonia. According to Antonia, Boni’s snore could be heard from the maids’ room and this kept them awake all night.

Antinols mimics the sound of the snore.

After two weeks of quarantine and negative swab tests, Jebel and Bonifacia joined Antonia and Norma in the maids’ room. Of course, the snore was louder because she was right there inside their room.
The three were up in arms. We didn’t want to let Bonifacia sleep in any of our guest rooms because that would mean that she would have access inside the main living quarters. After days of deliberation, we decided to let her sleep in the billiard room which has become a storage room kasi that’s where we dump our old stuff. It’s accessible through the lower ground floor lobby and is only steps away from the garage, maids’ room and lounge. In other words, Bonifacia will not feel isolated there,

Athough she felt a little bit unwanted, Ebon (her nickname) agreed to sleep in the billiard room. On the first night, she complained that she couldn’t sleep. And she alleged that on the second night, she saw a male ghost standing beside her feet, looking down at her. The guy daw was wearing s white shirt and maong. She didn’t see his face, basta daw malaking mama (big guy).

Takot na sya and was hesitant to sleep there again but we didn’t have a room for her. She couldn’t use the drivers’ quarters because there were two drivers staying there and still under the 14 days quarantine.
To ward off any spirit staying there, all the lights were kept on and the door left open. Oyen played loud music inside the billiard room for one whole day hoping na mainis yung multo at umalis. Ang problema baka naman lumipat sa kwarto namin.

The following night, Bonifacia reported that she was able to sleep soundly. Ay salamat mahimbing na tulog nya and the other maids. The following night, eto na naman, the ghost showed up again, nakatayo daw. Boni said she just ignored him and told him “ligawan mo na lang ako!” Nanay ko po, nagpaligaw pa sa multo eh what if the ghost does that. Sundan-sundan sya?

It’s been a month and so far she has not complained of any paramdam or sightings. She has learned to ignore whatever sound she hears at night, if there’s any.


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