The sight of wild deer roaming in the neighborhood gives me a happy feeling but at the same time I feel guilty that their habitats have greatly been diminished and is continuously being threatened by rapid human population. Wildfires all over the world are also a major cause of catastrophic destructions of the jungles killing billions of animals. Our environment is changing.

So everytime I see deer around, I feel like a mother wanting to care and protect her children. I am ovderly dramatic but that’s really true. I feel for their safety and welfare.
God bless these creatures. They are so gentle, lovely to look at and they are not a threat to humans.


My husband has become so picky when it comes to food sometime’s he doesn’t like what I cook.

I only make do with whatever ingredients I scavenge from the ref and pantry,

Simple dinner of fried trout, pork adobo, steamed jazmine rice.

I  got this Indian-inspired cotton blouse from Macy’s.   The color bleeds so I handwashed it instead.

I’ve been handwashing some clothes and small table covers.

A—- “Laging makati ang palad ko, magkakapera yata ako.”
(My palms are always itchy, I think I am going to have money soon.)
E—- “Sa ka lalaba lang yan.”
(That’s just from doing the laundry.)


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