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1. In the last few years, I’ve seen how America exercised maximum tolerance on thieves, that’s why they are not afraid to steal. I’ve seen shoplifters and no one bothers to accost them. The store told me even if they called the police, those thieves would not be put in jail.

2. I’ve witnessed two black women stashing away beauty products from Sally’s, but was caught on camera by the cashier. When the cashier asked them to empty their bags and pockets, they accused the Latino cashier of being racist.

3. A white American lady tried to steal a sack of bedsheets but was forced to let go of her stash when the alarm sounded. I was there at the cashier paying and she was busy trying to steal.

4. They are generally bullies. Many people in America provoke violence. You ride the bus and a group of women of color would suddenly create a scene, shout invectives, kick shoes, then burst into laughter.

5. I am sorry to say that I think many have mental issues. This may be due to their family narratives, Many come from broken families.

6. Substance abuse is another cause. And with the legalization of the sale of weed adds to people out on the streets that are not in their proper frame of mind.

7. I’ve seen young boys throwing soft drink bottles at a moving bus. Call the police and they would just not act on it because they categorize occurrences such as this as petty. I can’t blame them. They have better things to do than accost teeners who were not trained by their parents.

8. Gun violence has sadly and tragically become a normal thing in the US. This is a serious pandemic that is hard to address. There is no vaccine for mental illness and psychological imbalance that may trigger the urge to commit violence.

9. I’ve read that the National Rifle Association wields great influence among politicians that’s why America cannot institute strict rules on the sale of guns to the public.

10. It’s sad to watch politicians in the US tearing their country apart just to promote their own personal agenda. They don’t care about their country and people. Americans sadly don’t see that they are just being used by politicians as pawns for their careers. There is no vaccine for wrong idealism. It’s disheartening to know that until now, lies are still being perpetuated all across the US, and people, even those rich, mighty, educated, believe and are misguided.

11. Why is it that in many aspects they have poor parenting, is it because of failed marriages? Too busy trying to make both ends meet maybe. Or is it because of too much freedom?

12. The media also have a role in the deterioration of their culture. They sensationalize events and in the guise of news reporting. Sometimes I think they are actually promoting crime, lies, and disrespect for others. The broadcasters tell outright lies with straight faces. I just can’t fathom how these people do that. They are destroying America. They have no conscience.

13. Asian hate is an obvious display of ignorance. Those white or black people who discriminate against Asians, Latinos, or other nationalities different from their skin, eyes, hair color are clearly not exposed to the outside world. I find them ignorants. If we get their individual profiles, I am sure almost all are not well-traveled.

14. The British guy named Michel Lofthouse who hurled racist slunts to an Asian family dining at the Bernardus Lodge Hotel in Carmel, California is actually British. He moved to America in 2010. He should also go back to where he came from. Feeling Americano yun pala dayo lang din dun.

15. Although China is the preferred best friend of some Filipinos, that doesn’t mean they represent our whole country. To those of you who are anti-Americano, try drinking latte instead. No matter what you say, America remains our country’s best friend, proven time and again.

16. The United States of America no longer deserves its name. It has become highly politicized. They now live and breathe red or blue. It’s dividing itself between white or black, and with a tinge of brown.

Today, this wish is very timely. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


  1. I agree Miss. America is really scary now especially with COVID. How is life now in Manila? I heard the vaccines have already started. I hope you post an update. Thanks.

  2. You’ve proven to be an insightful observer of people, places and things. This is why I’ve followed your blog for the past few years. For what it’s worth, I would just like to offer caution in summing up these random thoughts into one characterization of America’s current state. From my view, America has surely changed.

    The country is more diverse compared to when I was the sole Asian boy in my elementary school over 40 years ago. Now, my daughter’s high school is at least one third Asian. She will attending a university in San Diego this fall where Asians make up the largest group on campus, as with all the campuses in UC system. Immigrant-owned businesses are thriving and more prominent than ever. I believe America is more than ever the land of opportunity.

    A country more divided? Perhaps. Have things changed for better or worse? I guess it depends on who you ask.

    1. Hi LR,

      America still remains as our family’s favorite place to visit. We visit twice a year and recently our stays are longer. All my siblings and their families live here.
      My concerns are based on my current observations from actual experiences, and I know these certainly do not happen in all of America. San Diego, Las Vegas, and other states may not have these issues. We are visiting again soon and concerns for safety are real. Maybe because the cities we visit are the “hot spots” of homelessness, Asian hate crimes, and rising crime.
      I would like to think that the US is still a fantastic place for people to live in and raise a family, and thrive, but the negative changes worry me. Thanks LR for reading Ohmybuhay.

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