Last year,  I bought an ice cream maker from Bed Bath & Beyond.  My husband didn’t believe that I would find the time to use it so without my knowledge he planned on returning it to the store.  When I found out about his evil plan,  I told him to leave the ice cream maker alone.

Every time he remembers it he would joke and laugh about it, indirectly saying that it would just rot in the box.

He was partially right.  I’ve been wanting to make ice cream for my children starting when they were little but I never got to.  I did make some ice candy but not ice cream.

Till one day isang araw, ako ang nakakita….

I thought making ice cream is just like my cooking. I just wing it. Uwido lang. I just bought heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla, etc. Super simple. Imbento lang. Hula-hula.

Heavy cream, no flavor

Heavy cream
My electric mixer is in Manila, yes, still in a box. Never used.
It was taking me forever and nothing was happening. The cream was not thickening. I needed it to peak.
Heavy cream, whisk

I transferred the cream in the ice cream maker’s deep container. I committed several mistakes here: 1. I forgot to put the vanilla bean for more flavor, 2. I forgot to buy milk, maybe that would enhance the flavor and texture.
3. I didn’t taste the mixture before I churned it. If it was sweet, matabang, or too sweet.
Next time I will make it sweeter.
4. I should’ve placed the chocolate chips and almonds after I had churned the mixture. They all fell to the bottom of the container.
ice cream churner

Good there were two packs of ice left-over from our Christmas day gathering.
ice cream maker
After two hours in the freezer, I suddenly remembered to taste it. Ay matabang.
homemade ice cream,

At lest it looks like ice cream.

Home made vanilla ice cream

E—–“Ay pang diabetic! Hindi matamis”.
He was trying to be nice. Walang lasa kasi I was too cautious not to put too much condensed milk. Instead of using a whole can, I only put three tablespoons, which I didn’t even measure, hinulaan ko lang.
Vanilla ice cream with almond

E—-“Sa’n ang ice cream ng mommy? Kain uli ako. Okay pala ito, kahit ubusin ko yung isang gallon, hindi ka magiguilty kasi hindi matamis”.

Next flavor of Hula-hula* ice cream coming up, Chunky Ube Halaya.



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