I wanted to buy N95 masks but they were sold out. I went to Walgreens, Lowe’s, and CVS and the same thing. The Filipina staff in Walgreens told me there was a Chinese who ordered 100 boxes. He would send them to China.

The next shipment is on Tuesday, hopefully I would be able to grab some. I would like to send two boxes to my son, and for myself, and to bring home to Manila.

I saw on CNN the WHO official who said that this is not yet a global pandemic but it is an international emergency. But today they increased it to Level 3.

As of today there are 5 persons in America confirmed to have the coronavirus. A third case has been reported in France. There are also reports of infections in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Nepal.
Five million residents have left the Wuhan province. We don’t know where they went, most likely a good number are in the Philippines. Nine million residents are in locked down including over a hundred Americans. They are not allowed to leave Wuhan province.

They are rushing to build a 1,000 bed hospital, that’s good but it is not enough to hold the

I am traveling soon and my husband wants me to stay put here while the coronavirus is not yet contained. He said if the coronavirus spreads to the Philippines, the flights to and from Manila could be affected.

I hope the situation doesn’t get any worst than what it is right now.

My husband’s maleta looks like a dari-sari store.



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