I am waiting for Moderna vaccines04:26 PM Wednesday March 17, 2021 |

I ordered 644 doses of Moderna vaccines in January thru the business sector initiative. I counted the number of our employees plus my family. My friend Richard and his family are included in my count too.
Full payment in US dollars is due next week and after that, we’ll just wait for the arrival which is in May or June. Ang tagal pa, inip na ako. I hope they arrive in early May.

It took the government two months before signing the tripartite agreement which delayed the expected arrival of the vaccines. I don’t know how true but someone commented that they gave priority to the Sinopharm vaccines. The good thing is that the Chinese-made vaccines have arrived and so is AztraZeneca, and hoping Moderna will follow soon.

We received a notice from the barangay that we can avail of the free AztraZeneca vaccines which are expected to arrive in June or July. I think you can all avail of the free vaccines (Sinopharm or AztraZeneca) thru your respective barangays. Please contact them.

My siblings and their spouses in the US have all been vaccinated. I am the only one that’s left behind because I am here in Manila.

I prefer to have Pfizer and my second choice is Moderna. I hope our bodies respond well to the vaccines.

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