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March 10, 2021, Wednesday

Edmund received a message from his friend Bobby that he’s Covid positive and is running a fever.
I got so mad at my husband because last Friday I was against him going to the wake of Bobby’s mother. While I understood why he wanted to go, the risk of Covid exposure is still very much real.
There is a clear and present danger of catching the virus, getting sick, or worst, dying. And who wants to get sick? Nobody. And who wants to die? Not me.

He went to attend the wake promising that “magpapakita lang ako kay Bobby”. Aalis daw agad sya. He didn’t. He attended the mass although he told me he and William Lao stayed outside. But he shook the hands of the husband of the deceased. Nag-alcohol naman daw sya pagdating sa kotse. Covid can be contracted not just thru a handshake. You can inhale the particles.

So tonight, after Bobby messaged him that he’s positive, Edmund and I had rapid swab tests. Negative naman and we don’t have symptoms. Hopefully, we’re free. I saw him made latag on the floor and wearing a mask while inside our bedroom. Alam nya bwisit ako sa kanya, He isolated himself by sleeping on the floor beside our dog Stitch. On the floor, in the same bedroom so what difference does it make?
I wanted to hit him with my tsinelas. Sinabi ko na kasing huwag ng pumunta dun sa burol eh ang kulit naman. Regrets always come at the end and never in the beginning.

When we become careless and too confident that we are safe from the virus, we not only risk our own health but we also risk the health and safety of all the people around us, most importantly our family.

Bobby was hospitalized for a few days but is now back at his home and is feeling fine.

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