I don’t love him to the moon and back

January 27

Today is my son’s birthday. He lives far away and as I write this note, I am imagining that he is beside me and I am giving him a big, tight mommy bear hug. I never tell him that I love him to the moon and back because that doesn’t equate to how much I truly love him. A mother’s love for her children cannot be quantified using kilometers or light-years. My love for my son is beyond measure. It’s a feeling so immense one can’t fathom. I can’t even express it either in words or in deeds.
My son is now a grown-up man with a mind of his own. As a mother, there’s not really much I can do for him other than give my love and support while he’s still navigating his way through the intricacies of this world and finding his own rhythm.

I love you anak. Happy birthday. I am here, always.


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