Walking Around Greenbelt without Tsinelas

Nov 1, 2021

I lost 3 pairs of slippers this past two weeks. One by one nasira na lang bigla. Maybe because I haven’t worn them for at least two years, lumutong na yung leather. Kaya ngayon I always have extra pairs of footwear in the car for emergencies.

Oyen and I went to Greenbelt to make pasyal. Lakad-lakad lang, tapos biglang napigtal yung tsinelas ko buti na lang I have another pair in the car.

Oyen was surprised when  I suddenly dumpled the broken H slippers in the trash. Sayang daw. Ang swerte nung makaka dampot. Nainis kasi ako that was the 3rd pair na nasira, Itinapon ko na.

Broken Tsinelas


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