My presidential survey is for fun only

I decided to conduct an informal election survey for the May 2022 election. This is all for fun. No political affiliation.
I honestly never expected that there’ll be one single candidate that would stand out from the rest as far as the number of potential voters are. In my mind, all the five candidates, namely Isko Moreno, Ping Lacson, Manny Pacquiao, Leni Robredo, and Bongbong Marcos will have equal chances of winning. I expected that there wouldn’t be one who would emerge as an early favorite. It’s too early to predict the winner. In the meantime, let’s all have fun asking people around about their favorite candidate.

I started my survey on October 25 at our office and house. And the days that followed, depending on my mood and energy level, I just asked random people where ever I went. I have video clips of some of our employees. Of course, they couldn’t object when I was taping their answers. They were very cooperative and they too enjoyed the survey.

I wanted to have proof that I really interviewed them and my numbers were based on actual surveys.

To avoid being tagged kakampi of a particular political candidate or party, I will not publish all the video clips I’ve taken also to protect the privacy of the people who freely expressed their opinions and willingly shared with me their preferred candidates.

I would like to share with you the tally. Remember, this is all in the spirit of fun. No over-reacting, no criticising, no bad commenting. Respect for others’ opinion is the rule here.

Informal survey results:

Oct 25
Isko 0
Ping Lacson —- 1
Pacquiao 0
Leni—– 4
Bongbong– 8
Undecided — 1 (choosing between Leni and BBM)
Total — 14 px

Oct 26
Isko — 0
Ping — 5
Pacquiao — 0
Leni ——- 43
Bongbong — 50
Undecided — 2 (split between Leni and BBM)
Total 100 px

Oct 27
Isko — 5
Ping — 13
Pacquiao 0
Leni 64 (30 are nuns, condo owners, and some are teachers)
BBM 169 (bank employees, market vendors, small business owners, security guards, etc.)
Undecided — 4 (choosing between Leni and BBM)
Undecided — 12 (waiting for November 15)
Total 267 px

Oct 28, 29, 30, 31

Isko — 6
Ping — 13
Pacquiao 0
Leni 84 (investment guy, hotel employees, small business owners, class A homeowners)
BBM 214 (farm owner, school dean, church lay minister, realtors, entrepreneurs, security guards, maids, etc.)
Not counted- 1 security guard who is for BBM but cannot go home to Pampanga to vote because of work.,
1 marketing executive for BBM but cannot vote, registered in Dubai but came back to be with her family.
Undecided 21
Total 338 px

to be continued


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