Revisited Carmel Lodge06:30 PM Friday August 21, 2020 |

July 11, 2020

Edmund was able to trace back where we stayed at before when we watched the US Open in Pebble Beach for the very first time. That must be in 2010???

I still vividly remembered how the hotel looked like and the admin office. Inaway ko pa sila kasi we were given a room on the second floor. There was a bar-restaurant right down below and at night the noise was so loud and the room vibrated. That was not the kind of vibration I would have wanted. I threatened the bar manager that I would call the police if they didn’t lower-down the volume. I also wrote a letter of complaint to the hotel manager. They were very nice naman, they moved us to a quieter room located in the inner section of the complex. They also gave us a one night refund.

This door used to be the bar’s entrance. The bar is no longer here. Edmund told me we even dined at this Italian Restaurant, Bistro Giovanni. I had no recollection whatsoever and no photo either.

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