July 10, 2020

After our ramen dinner, Edmund went back to the hotel while Oyen, Mochi, and I, walked around savoring the cool weather and the quaint scenery. This was our last night in Carmel and we didn’t want our short holiday to end. It’s so beautiful here and I don’t mind staying for a few more days.

Oyen wanted to have coffee and dessert so aside from enjoying the walk, we were actually on the look out for a local cafe.

The woman who owned the big white poodle told me she got the dog for free from a dog groomer who serviced champion dogs. The breeder gave away those who were not good enough to be entered in dog shows. She gave me the facebook name of the groomer but I forgot the name.

We saw the Rise and Roam Bakery and Pizzeria near an antique shop. They were about to close in a few minutes. We got two pieces of pastry and ate them outside. A Filipino greeted us. His name is Jay. Small world talaga, dyan pala sya nagtatrabaho. He’s been working around the Carmel area for more than 12 years but he lives in Monterey. He gave us some extra pastries pa. Salamat. He has a condo daw in Alabang and is going home in January for a grand vacation of surfing, hiking, etc. Viva Pilipinas. Mabuhay ang ating mga kababayan na nagsisikap sa ibang bansa! God bless you all.


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