Sumptuous dinner at Straits Restaurant10:20 PM Sunday July 05, 2020 |

June 25, 2020

We’ve been eating out ever since the shelter in place had been lifted. We are very scared of the virus which is still very much around us so we only dine outdoors and while being completely aware of social distancing and sanitation. Father and daughter have alcohol sprays and they sanitize our table and chairs before we order food.

Edmund and I sat down on one of the benches along Santana Row while Oyen explored some stores. We waited a while because it was still too early for dinner.
We looked at the menus outside of each restaurant and decided to try the Singaporean – Asian fusion Straits Restaurant.


Laksa for Edmund

I was completely satisfied with their version of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

We were glad we chose this restaurant because the food and service were both great.

Straits Restaurant
333 Santana Row #1100, San Jose, CA 95128
Opens at 12 noon
Phone: (408) 246-6320


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