Edmund and I bought a few things for Theo during our recent travel.   I assisted Theo to open his gifts.  He knows how to grab things already and is amazed at the sound of cellophane and paper being crumpled.

Our Christmas gifts for him are intended for use in the present. And since they are going out of town, we also bought a Christmas sweater for him.

Theo's gift opening
Eksakto lang yung shoes, medyo masikip na nga yata.

The bonnet only comes in one size. Glad it is a perfect fit.

THEO wears Boss bonnet

I found this two tone winter scarf at the Christmas market in Colmar, it’s so cute  bagay na bagay sa kanya. Akala mo pupunta sa Alaska.

Happy first Christmas apo. Lolo and Lola love you so very much. We hope to still be alive and healthy to see you grow up. Your smile is enough to lighten our days. Love you apopoo.


theo, December 25, 2022


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