Tulips and Me09:55 PM Friday January 22, 2021 |

Aside from the old photos with presidential candidates and business industry leaders I found gathering dust on my office desk in Makati, I also found two photos of me taken in 1995, posing beside yellow and red tulips. I used our water pitcher as a flower vase. I was seated at the small dining area of a condo in Valle Verde. We were planning to renovate our house in Quezon City so we moved to this 100 sqm condo for several months.

This photo tells me that I have just arrived from a trip to London. In those days, I took fond of tulips and I would hand-carry a bunch or two to Manila. I buy them on the morning of my flight so they are still freshly cut from Denmark as I am told by the florist. The tulips stay fresh for two weeks inside a cold room, away from the sunlight.

Back in the day, I never bought tulips locally and no one has ever given me tulips so I am very certain that these flowers came from London.

annie tan-yee


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