Traveling to Europe needs a lot of coins. Always be prepared to have 20 cents, 50 cent Euro, and 1 Euro coins for toilet use or WC (water closet). Most toilets require payment for each use.


When the tour bus dropped us off under the rain in Hohenschwangau, the first thing we looked for was WC. Our tour guide entered Hotel Muller to ask permission if could use their toilets and what a relief they kindly agreed.

Hotel Muller

Natagalan ako kasi I spotted two cabinets full of Meissen Porcelain located in the lobby. 50% off!

A—- “Tart sorry natagalan ako kasi merong for sale na Meissen.”
E—– “Ano yun?
A—– “Plates, dun sa lobby. Very nice. 50% off”
E—– “Asan? Anong brand yun?”
A—– “Meissen, oo mas higher category.”
E—– “So papano?”
A—– “Aalis na tayo.”

Meissen is the name of a town in eastern Germany made famous by its manufacture of the world’s most respected brand of porcelain known all over the world. Manufacturing started in 1710 in a factory 16 kilometers away from Dresden. In 1720 they started producing plain tableware and gradually introduced new styles and colorful designs.

Meissen pink teacups

I like the pink teacups above.   Ganda-ganda.


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