Do you know if you are an asshole?

Many people don’t know or don’t realize they are actually bad people. This is not surprising because it’s natural for people to think highly of themselves and adore their being. Lahat sila tama, they are the leaders of good deeds, principles, blah blah blah. When they look in the mirror, they admire their faces and feel more proud.

Their minds believe they are kind, good, compassionate, understanding, humble (ehem ehem), grateful. They post righteousness quotes and unsolicited advice they mine online.
People act differently in front of other people. Humans automatically adjust their characters depending on the situation.
We are sweet in front of our colleagues. We are refined, talk nicely, and praise profusely but in reality, inside that camouflage is a dark person, a bruha, a bruho.

Even if the person doesn’t know who he/she truly is, or nagkukunwaring mabait, his/her soul cannot pretend or lie.

I have encountered many people who seem very nice from the outside. Adored and glorified because of their perceived success, accolades, and high status in the community, but they are bullies, manipulative, greedy, selfish, or simply assholes. Their life is all about self-glorification.


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