My driver is sobrang makakalimutin

Every day I’ve been spending a lot of time on the road, in heavy traffic. Three hours going there, two hours the next day, two and a half coming home, etc. Been extremely busy lately and I can’t help but rely on my driver to get me around from point to point.

The other day I just felt I needed a vacation from my driver. He has become so forgetful. Sobrang makakalimutin. Parang nagka indigestion ako sa kanya. I needed a few days not riding in the car.

Actually, he is not my driver. Inaway nya yung driver ko in January while I was in the US. Natakot sa kanya kaya umalis. Syempre he is a former marine, bigger, taller, and a veteran of combat in Mindanao no less.

Ang problema, ‘nay ko sobra syang makakalimutin.

Ikanan mo, kakaliwa sya. When I told him to turn left, he would turn right, when I told him to go straight he would stop in the middle of the road trying to figure out where we would be going.

He loaded the langka in the trunk without making sure it was inside. The trunk didn’t close. I was on my phone so I didn’t see it, but when we were going out of the gate, I heard Antonia’s voice “ay ay ay”, when I looked back, the trunk was still up.

Places that we’ve visited twice in the past 5 days, nakalimutan na nya. We were going to a printing shop from Pasong Tamo. When I got on the car he assured me he still remembered where the printer was. Hayun, lumampas kami. I wasn’t paying attention, I was on my phone, I trusted he knew.

Kanina, I sent him to the church to deliver the generator for the santo, to drop off a package, and etc. When I called why he wasn’t back yet, “bakit ang tagal mo?” His answer was a faint laugh and “hindi ko alam mam bakit ang tagal ko.”

He always forgets to bring his cellphone. He leaves behind his wallet. “Ay mam, teka, nalimutan ko cellphone ko.”

He should be the last person na bibilinan ko. Kasi right after I told him the instruction, wala na, nas cloud na. What I do to be sure he gets the instruction is to text the step by step instruction aside from verbal.

I changed his name na from Sarge to Demi.

Forgetful driver 3/23/24


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