I am pro-vaccination and anti-Lockdown

There are many Filipinos and foreigners married to Filipinas who send money to help their relatives in the Philippines during the general community quarantine and MECQ. Many are pissed because they’ve been shouldering the burden of providing sustenance for their spouse’s relatives. Some are questioning our government’s strict community quarantine rules because their relatives are unable to work, some are in dire situations.

I understand that last year, beginning in March 2020, countries around the world closed their doors to contain the spread of an unknown enemy. While governments and scientists grappled in controlling the virus, we humans were ordered locked up in our own abodes for months.

We were glued on CNN waiting for good news— the arrival of an effective vaccine to protect our survival. When it was becoming certain that the US was on the forefront of developing vaccines, many countries already placed their advanced orders. Syempre it’s the government’s responsibility to protect their citizens and one way was to be on the top list of countries ordering vaccines. We wanted to be first.

And just like buying a Ford car from Ford EDSA, or Ford Cainta, or Makati Ford (plugging), we require a deposit or downpayment to make sure that the buyer is serious and committed. It’s fair right?

Our government, according to reports, if true, didn’t want to pay a deposit to the US pharmaceutical firms. I hope that wasn’t true. I hope that didn’t happen.

Kalimutan na natin ang nakaraan, eto tayo ngayon. Eto ang bansa natin ngayon. 18 months since the first lockdown, tayo nagla-lockdown pa rin. Nahuli tayo sa vaccines kasi we, according to tsismis, we waited daw for China to supply us with their own vaccines, Sinovac.

I hope and pray that we all get vaccinated and soon reach herd immunity so we can go out and work with lesser restrictions.

Locking up the population is a temporary solution because it slows down the spread of the virus but it is not a lasting solution. Vaccinating as many people as possible is the key.

How many times have we ordered a lockdown since last year?

The prize ordinary people and small businessmen pay during lockdowns is massive. Hunger, depression, death, mental health deterioration, loss of income, bankruptcies, etc.

How can we lockdown the millions living in squatter areas? Dikit-dikit nga sila, ikulong pa sa loob ng bahay eh di lalo lang sila nagkasakit. Magkakahawa-hawa sila.
Kulog ang hangin sa loob ng bahay nila. Mahirap makulong sa isang maliit na kwarto na may kasamang 4, 5, 6 na tao.

Merong ayuda naman. Pero ilan kaya napunta sa ibang bulsa? There was no accounting and check and balance of the actual amounts that were spent for supplies and cash for the citizens.

We ordered 644 Moderna vaccines in January or February of this year thru ICTSI Foundation c/o Philippines, Inc. I reduced it to 396 plus 144. So far the vaccines are arriving in trickles. 6 in May.

We also ordered for 8 px amd 15 px c/o DLSAA until now wala pa rin. Their rule was very strict. The individuals must register directly online and it was not changable. Malabo talaga kasi yung nagregister nuon, meron ng vaccines ngayon. Hindi na namin pinaghintay, It’s hard to wait when you don’t know when it’s arriving. You cannot risk your health waiting, If you are in the water, you grab the first lifeboat that comes your way. You don’t wait for the next one not knowing when it’s coming.

Most of our employees already got one or two doses from their respective barangays. Most had Sinovac, others Pfizer, AstraZenica, or Moderna. Some of our drivers, laborers got free Moderna from their munisipyo. Ang swerte.

We hope the Moderna vaccines we ordered would not expire or go to waste. They are not cheap. Maybe we can use them for another round of vaccinations in December for those who were vaccinated with Sinovac.


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