P300,000 hospital bill

Today we found out that our family doctor was infected with the corochin virus.   His clinic assistant told us that he most likely contracted the virus while doing rounds in the hospital.  He suffered low-grade fever for several days.  His first two tests showed he was negative but when his fever persisted,  he went back to the hospital to have a CTscan.  He had pneumonia and came out positive with the dreaded virus.  He had dextrose and given Azithromycin in conjunction with another medicine.

Azithromycin is an antibiotic used for a number of infections such as traveler’s diarrhea, pneumonia, strep throat, and some sexually transmitted diseases.  It’s also used  to treat  malaria in combination with other medicines.   

He was discharged a few days ago from Cardinal Santos Hospital hospital after his most recent test showed he’s negative of the virus.  For his five days stay in the hospital his bill reached over P300,000.  He was shocked to see on the tab that he was charged P10,000 for the PPEs used by the nurses during his confinement.

Edmund’s friend was lucky to have fully recovered from the virus.  He was confined in Makati Med and his bill reached over P400,000 for a 7 days confinement.

We all know that hospitals need to generate income to sustain their operations but we are now facing a health pandemic,  sana huwag naman masyadong taasan ang singil.

Nakakatakot magkasakit.  Nakakanerbyos din yung babayaran.  Paano na kaya yung walang mga pera o health insurance na ganito kalaki ang amount?




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28 thoughts on “P300,000 hospital bill

    1. Oo nga Lily. Sana makadiskubre na ng gamot para gumaling na lahat ng may sakit sa virus man o hindi.

  1. Many people will choose to hide their sickness instead if the hospital bills are so high. Mas nakakatakot at mas delikado.

    1. Good news yan kung ganon. Ipapatanong ko nga sa office -para naman mapanatag ng konti ang loob ng mga tao.

  2. Released by Philhealth on April 2, 2020:

    “The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) wishes to announce that it will shoulder the full cost of treatment for all Covid 19 cases until 14 April 2020.

    The reason for this accommodation window is due to the novelty and the wide range of severity of the disease in the country for which no existing case rate or package based on accepted protocols has yet been established.

    PhilHealth is confident that by the above mentioned date, more about the behavior of the disease in the Philippines can be learned, a final protocol established and an appropriate case rate developed that will provide adequacy and sustainability to the anti-Covid 19 campaign. Before then, it shall issue a new set of guidelines which will include the appropriate case rate based on accepted protocols in dealing with the disease.

    PhilHealth wishes to assure all Filipinos that even under the period of this pandemic it intends to fulfill its mandate under the Universal Health Care Law of providing adequate health service to all Filipinos when needed.

    President and CEO”

  3. I read this account that her Dad died because he did not receive proper treatment. hospital wld not admit if d patient is suspected to have d virus. And the only hospital that admitted was the Heart Center but d queue was terrible. They had d room only after waiting for 11 hours in a make shift tent but later on her Dad passed away. That was so sad. To survive in this pandemic disease is really a blessing.

  4. this pandemic issue bring out the best of people and bring out the worst too

  5. What a shame!! I’ve been reading that there has been lots of donations for PPE’s. Are they intended for govt hospitals only?

    1. I know many are donating PPEs to both government and private hospitals. Maybe not enough.

  6. Dumating kanina yung bill ko ng ma emergency ako …kakahimatay maghapon lang ako sa room umabot sa $53,000 ang babayaran ng insurance ko ..ang co pay ko ay $1,000. Salamat at bumaba ang bp ko kaya pinauwi na ako the same day…kaso ng makita ko yung bill start ng tumaas ang bp ko …:(

  7. Yes dapat considerate din ang mga hospitals. Mostly PPes are donated. My classmate is currently in ICU and running bill has already reached over p2M.

      1. yes per his daughter his health is improving though still in ICU but no longer intubated.

  8. pre covid pa mahal na mga ospital Arts nephew last year had aneurysm his bill balloned to 4.2 M excluding philhealth. He died. Now with PPe’s it cost 1000K complete per piece so ilang hospital staff gagamit per day lang so kukulangin talaga. This will now be the standard protocol. Lalo sa amin dentist I might be thing of retiring na

    1. Grabe ang mahal Beth. With the virus not yet under control and not until a vaccine is out in the market, it is difficult for you to practice dentistry because that’s not physical distancing but close contact with your patients.

      1. really I am so sad with what’s going on. Nini’s classmate and friend in UERM died yesterday

  9. As per info I heard those covid-19 patients who were discharged before April 15, the hospital bill will be shouldered by Philhealth. In the news one discharged patient bill was P4.0M and paid in full by Philhealth. After April 15 the rate will be pro-rated based on low, medium and high case of pneumonia. Maximum amount is P785K.

  10. If the bills are in the millions and only P785k will be shouldered by Philhealth, the patient still has to come up with a huge sum of money for the difference.

  11. prayers na lang talaga the contagion is real some are asymptomatic sana mag mass testing na ang mga PUI at PUM para makapante na

    1. yes prayers and follow orders of government to prevent and contain the virus. Stay at home and keep healthy.

  12. Complacency breeds contempt lesson talaga sa atin ito health care is the most under rated department in govt kasi expense para sa kanila the late Sen Defensor Santiago filed a bill on before she died on pandemics the bill was killed and Check DOH budget for 110 population baka 20 pesos lang per head

  13. Good news po yong sa PhilHealth para sa mga COVID-19 patients Ms. Annie. Take care po!

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