Tamad na tamad na ako magbihis

I have lost any motivation to dress up or glam up. Pilit na pilit lang. Tamad na tamad na ako magbihis, mag-ayos. Gusto ko na lang naka tsinelas at naka daster. Some people were wondering what happened to me. Why I disappeared from the scene? I probably have outgrown parties, business meetings, business events, or anything that requires me to ditch my daster for something more glamorous. I just want to dress simply. I don’t want the attention. I don’t want to decorate myself to impress. I just want to go out incognito. Ang tabachuy-choy ko na rin ang hirap magbihis pag mukhang 10 months pregnant.

Today I am going to the office and maybe attending a short meeting so I forced myself to look more decent.

Annie Tan-Yee july 1, 2024


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