Goodbye to dresses I like

Today I got myself busy by clearing my closets. I got an empty balikbayan box and filled it with clothes I like but don’t wear anymore. Mostly forgotten, hidden deep in my closet, and the majority are sizes small. Some haven’t been worn, the tag prices are still attached. It was a slow start because I didn’t want to part with the dresses. Baka pumayat ako, maisuot ko uli. But after some thought, those clothes will make a lot of women happy, poor women. With that in mind, I started dumping more “nice and loved” dresses.

I’ll show you some of the dresses I found buried and forgotten:

I bought this in Edinburgh. Masikip na. To begin with, it was tight because it was a size small. This was the last piece so I took it even if it was masikip. Tila isa or dalawang suot ko lang ito.

blouse from Edinburgh

Anne Fontaine size medium pero look, ang sikip sa tyan, para akong suman sa ibos. Nalimutan ko, meron pala ako nito.
Worn once or twice.

Anne Fontaine navy blue dress

Forgotten. I found this Marc Jacobs buried under a stack of skirts deep in my closet. Nalimutan ko na meron pala ako nito. I am not giving this away just yet. I hang it so I could see it and eventually wear it a few more times.  Tama si Edmund  pag hindi nakikita, nalilimutan isuot.


Black Marc Jacobs dress

I have many British India dresses and blouses kasi there was a time na nahilig ako sa mga clothes nila.

Old clothes
I was also surprised that I have this A/X white dress complete with a tag price.  Wala na, liit na. Armani Exchange white dress
b Another surprise. I remember buying this size small dress in Westfield Mall in Budapest. There was a tiny boutique owned by a French woman and all the clothes she sold were made in Paris. I bought this supposedly for my son’s girlfriend at that time. Sa lagay nalimutan kong ibigay. I believe this won’t fit her anymore even if I send this dress to her.

Ay naluma na.  I bought this simple white Versace dress in Milan in 2015 tapos nalimutan ko na, eto lumiit na, hindi pala, ako pala ang lumaki.

d White Max Studio blouse.  The green one is new, I just bought it in the US in February but have never worn it, meron pang tag price, The light blue and dark blue blouses are also recent purchases.

One of my favorites.  This white cotton blouse is very old, like 10 years old.  I bought this in Greenbelt.  Salabianca is made in Malaysia.   I’ve been keeping this due to sentimental reasons pero it’s now time to part with it.  Another woman would be able to enjoy it rather than I’ll keep it in my cabinet forever.

Lucky the person / persons I intend to give this box to. It contains around 40 to 50 pieces of nice clothes.


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