The Early Bird Catches the Sunrise

Aug 13

I tossed and turned the whole night. I just couldn’t sleep. My mind was so active.

Instead of staying in bed trying, I got up and brought Mochi out to pee. I was completely astonished by the breathtaking sight.

Edmund wakes up early every single day just before sunrise so he sees this view every morning.

6:28 am


6:31 am

If I have a more powerful camera the photos would be magnificent.

6:32 am

I watched in awe while the sun slowly rises. The feeling was both magical and spiritual. I felt like a higher being was bathing the world with hope and new beginning.

6:33 am


6:34 am

6:36 pm


6:40 am

6:42 am
Today’s another day. May it be filled with sunshine and happiness.


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