Lighting of Candles as a form of prayer

More and more devotees are offering candles as a form of prayer that’s why so many churches now have separate areas outside of the main church to light the candles.

I for one consider lighting of candles as a form of prayer although I have stopped lighting real candles at home. Our house almost burned down because I didn’t notice that the lanky candle I bought from Our Lady of Manaoag had tilted and started burning the plywood wall of the altar, the highly flammable candle holder, and the ceiling. Miraculously, the cotton dress of the Virgin Mary and its carton padding, including the thinly sliced paper serving as Baby Jesus’ manger didn’t catch fire. They were right beside the flames.

Ever since that scary episode and trauma which affects me until now, I only light candles in churches.




lighting of candles
Each of the lighted candles symbolize the person I am offering prayers for, for Nyke, Oyen, Edmund, my siblings, one candle is always devoted for my personal requests.  The flickering light is a powerful tool to tell God what’s in our heart.   We bow in submission to God’s power and grace.
candle offering


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