My son’s face is full of reddish rashes again. The only lotion that works so far is the clobetasol lotion given by oh my buhay reader, Marya. We’ve ran out and I was panicking because all else don’t work. I am so glad Marya still has a few bottles left and she wholeheartedly spared two for Nyke. Her derma is now based in Hongkong and she still has to find another source.

Clobetasol lotion from Marya

Thank you Marya. You are a life saver! I owe you one.

clobetasol lotion


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2 thoughts on “Clobetasol Lotion

  1. Hi Ms Annie!
    I really hope it works the same way it did before. But we can always ask my friend from my hometown to send us through courier more bottles soon.
    Its just good that after my dermatologist left, i found out there’s another place where i can buy it. Almost the same ‘timpla’. ☺️

    Be safe. Weather isnt really good.
    All the best!

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