Got stuck for another day in Napa

A storm with heavy rains and strong winds covered not only the Bay Area this weekend but as far as Napa Valley. A two-day staycation turned into three because it would be dangerous to drive especially on the freeway. I extended for an extra night and the hotel operations manager was kind enough to give me a discount. Instead of $250 a night, he said $209. I know Sunday nights are slow in most hotels so I asked if he could lower it still. After a few seconds of  looking at his computer screen, he said the lowest he could give me was $135++. I was pleased.
He was also apologetic about what happened yesterday. While my son and I were in the room, a woman barged in using his room key. The woman was also shocked when she realized she entered someone else’s room. We were baffled at how could that happened. Our door was locked, although not bolted.
According to the manager, they reviewed the cameras and concluded that it was accidental. Yes, we also believed so but how was her key able to open our door?

It was  stormy. Glad my son and I were able to enjoy our walk along the Main Street and to have dinner in Oxbow. I know, Hog Oysters again.
We were lucky the strong storm wasn’t here yet so tourists were able to shop, walk, eat, and take photos. I was able to visit an antique shop and also the French boutique nearby.

But early morning, I woke up to the rain hitting the hotel’s wall and winds howling. Hooo, this is a storm but still not as bad as those regularly visiting the Philippines.

The rain subsided so we went to Homegoods and carted away beddings, linens, and more kalat for the house.

We drove to Oxbow for dinner but Hog Oyster was closed since 3 due to bad weather. We ended up having dinner at Casas, a Mexican food restaurant.

Time to check out and drive back to the Bay Area. I enjoyed my bonding with my son.
I can’t say I feel relaxed because right now my stomach is churning, my heart is uneasy, and my mind is spinning.


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