Wishing for a tiny drop of miracle

I got a call yesterday afternoon from Kuya Romy’s son Sherwin. His papa’s condition changed from the last time I visited him. According to him, the nurse told him blood was coming out of his lungs, and he had a seizure from the night before. He is again talking about pulling the plug. I asked if he had spoken to his Tito Doctor. He subconsciously was asking for guidance to make the final step to put his father to eternal sleep. Not resuscitating him, by removing the life support machines. Based on my interaction with Kuya Romy, it would be very hard for me to give my nod to pull the plug. I am hanging on to the tiny miracle. I want to remember our last moment together, me singing Bahay Kubo to him, him listening and moving his eyes. That’s the one I want to carry in my memory, not me cutting off his last breath.

I am sorry Kuya I can’t do anything to cure you. I am just praying hard for the Lord to comfort you and keep you warm. I am still wishing for a tiny drop of miracle that you will recover.

Kuya Romy, Ate Ella, Junior, Kay
Tan reunion June 25, 2015, Pittsburg
tan family photo June 26, 2015


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