My husband repairs our refrigerator saving us thousands of pesos

My husband is a natural handyman. He is always curious about how things work.

Our home refrigerator has been flooding our floor with water coming from under. My husband contacted the warranty service center. They sent a service technician who recommended that certain parts be replaced. Unconvinced, my husband called the service center again. They immediately sent another guy to diagnose and he came up with the same recommendation.
Still unconvinced, my husband did his investigation and research and came up with a different diagnosis. Our ref doesn’t need new spare parts but only a de-clogging of the drain. so Mr. Edmund MacGyver Woods Yee sprang into action, dismantled the freezer, and did what he thought were the correct measures to be done.

After he was able to install back the freezer’s door, he congratulated himself.

Well done! He saved us thousands of pesos in unnecessary repair costs.


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