When life throws crap and vomits at you

I don’t know how life determines or decides who catches its craps or who can dodge successfully some of life’s vomits.

Random? Predetermined?

My brother is gravely ill and only the heavens know why. The cancer that has stricken him is the most aggressive according to my Kuya Junior who is a doctor. And worst, it lodged itself in the brain. No one escapes this situation, not in the history of medicine. No cure yet. But as believers of God as the most powerful being, the High and Almighty, and is above all things,  white lights will shine from heaven and wake us all up from this nightmare. we still hope the sun will soon shine brightly and strengthen my brother physically. And my Kuya will be up on his feet and smiling. Wishful thinking maybe. But wishes and dreams are free why not put big bets on them?

Kuya Romy is a very good person. Hindi mahilig magreklamo. Matiisin. Hindi mo maririnig na dumadaing. Hindi makwentahin. Okay lang whatever he has. Tahimik lang sya. Walang halong inggit. Simple and humble and grateful for what he has, that’s him. It was unfortunate he caught this cancer or this cancer caught him.

We are planning to go on a siblings’ cruise to Alaska this coming August, syempre kasama ang mga spouses. Bonding lang sana kami, relax-relax lang. Since my siblings and their spouses are no longer are as physically strong for a rigid inland travel, a one-week cruise would be ideal for our siblings’ vacation. Paupo-upo lang, tunganga sa dagat, kain-kain, relax lang.

Sayang, Kuya Romy might not be able to join us anymore. All arrows point in the opposite direction. Sadly. Very.

Happy days with my siblings:

November 7, 2020
Tan Siblings Nov 7/20

May 30, 2021
Tan Siblings May 30, 2021

At his apo’s birthday on July 31, 2021 in Hayward.
Kuya Romy bday Raff 7/31/21

December 25, 2021
Tans Dec 25, 2021

Tans Dec 25, 2021

Kuya Romy and half his family
Kuya Romy Family 12/25/21

January 2023

Tan siblings reunion Jan 2023

I used to have four brothers. Kuya Ben passed away some 15 years ago. I wish the three will live healthy for many many more years to come but sadly, Kuya Romy is now gravely ill, and only heaven knows if he would be able to win this battle. It makes me cry thinking that I will lose another brother. No, please no.
3 Tan bros 11/07/20


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