After waiting for 30-plus years, I finally saw my lot in Eastridge

In 1930, a real estate agent approached me and offered pre-selling lots in Eastridge, located in Binangonan Rizal at the boundary of Antipolo and Angono Rizal. It was actually in 1993 not in 1930. The number 30 just got stuck in my head because that’s the number of years I’ve waited to be able to step on the lot. Feeling ko panahon pa talaga ni Magellan sa tagal. He brought me to the site but there was no land development yet in 1993. He pointed at the talahib, “dyan ang Millionaire’s Row” while showing the whole development’s lot plan. Ako naman, wala namang kaalam-alam, basta sige, I just trusted him. If I recall it right, his name was Peter or Pete.

I went to their office in Agora Market, San Juan, and gave them a reservation fee. He also made me choose the specific lots. Ang sabi nya “yan ang may pinakamagandang view.” I trusted his recommendation that my lot would have a sweeping view of Laguna Lake and the nearby barangays.

Then I forgot about the lot. Nothing was heard from them until in the year 2001 when they sent me a letter asking me to pay a long list of penalties and surcharges. I went to Eastridge to see if the development was done and to my disappointment, ganun pa rin ang hitsura. Puro talahib lang. Walang kalsada. Ni hindi ko alam kung asan yung lote na supposedly binili ko.

I wrote the real estate company, Today Realty, that I am withholding any payment until they finish the development in the area. They are remiss in their obligation as the developer. The time line presented to me was 5 years, and yet 8 years had passed, mas lalo pang tumaas yung mga talahib. In fairness to them, they promptly replied and agreed to my terms to withhold payments until after they have finished the development.

There was a time when my husband regularly played golf there, in Eastridge. He even won the club championship. The second time, he landed second only because he played against a young Korean, in his early 20s. They were tie after the 18th hole. Sa second round, na low bat na si Edmund, hindi na makalakad, napagod na. Imagine a 50s vs 20s. Give up na ang mga bones.

I didn’t know that the whole area was bought by another group, and they are continuing what the original developer had left off.

And lucky for me, we personally know the new owners and key officers.   I had lunch at the office of PrimeEast Properties in Tektite with the CEO, Mr. Alex Asuncion.  Edmund and I also had lunch with  him, and Serge Ortiz-Luis, with the other PCCI officers at the Eastridge Golf and Country Club.   On a side note, ang sarap pala ng crispy pata duon sa clubhouse nila.

I went back to their office in Tektite last week but to my big disappointment the field engineer informed me that my lot has no view because it is located at the lower end of the development.  It’s on the same level daw as the houses in San Carlos Heights in Barangay Tayuman.  Whahhhh nag tantrums na ako sa office nila.  Gusto ko ng maglupasay at mag-iiyak.  Being one of the first buyers,  akin pa ang pangit na view.  It’s too late to transfer,  there are no more view lots to replace my lot with.    I have no one to blame but the broker named Peter or Pete.  But even if I yell at him, wala na it’s too late.

Edmund and I visited the area last Saturday accompanied by the developer’s architect, and the sales and marketing manager.
There are nice restaurants in the area such as Casa Antonino, art galleries, and several big houses under construction.

Yehey, there’s still hope. They have started paving the road leading to the lot. I will make kulit their bosses so that in a few weeks the street leading to the specific area will be cemented. I hope I don’t have to wait another 30 years.

Edmund, Eastridge

I have no plans yet on what to do with the lots. I will first have the muhons relocated, then I will have it fenced. Siguro Edmund will plant some trees and bushes, and lagyan natin ng bahay kubo.

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