In search for something that would perk up my appetite (as if I needed that), I went all the way to Crosswinds Tagaytay, a Swiss luxury resort developed by Vista Land.   There’s a newly opened restaurant called Cafe Voi-la and I wanted to check out their food, kasama na ang pasyal.

Alpine Village, Crosswinds

Crosswinds in Tagaytay

It’s so beautiful there in Crosswinds. I just loved the mature pine trees.  Natyempuhan ko there’s a fog.

Para talagang nasa Switzerland.
Foggy in Crosswinds, Tagaytay

Alpine Village
Alpine Village at Crosswinds

Cafe Voi-la opened on October 11, 2014. It’s owned by Ica Sebastian in partnership with the Villar’s. Ica owns a Pancake Franchise and is a good friend of the Villar’s according to the waitress.

I didn’t know what I was expecting to see but the style of the building surprised me. I thought it would be in a cluster of low rise structures. This one is stand alone and looks like a house.
facade, Cafe Voi-la

The colors are multi-kulay. Vibrant hues of all colors.
dining tables, Cafe Voi-la

The entrance is fully decorated with Christmas wreaths, ribbons, pine cones, lights, etc.
Xmas decor, Cafe Voi-la

wine cabinet, Cafe Voi-la

There are some Thai furniture
furniture, Cafe Voi-la

This wooden table for six is in the lanai and is the exception to the multi-kulay muebles inside.
table, Cafe Voila

The owner daw lived in Thailand for many years, that explains the Thai influence in the style.
Thai furniture, Cafe Voi-la

Tables, chairs, glasses and  napkins are in blue, red, orange, green, magenta, etc.
Cafe Voi-la rattan tables

Only a professional interior designer could blend different colors tastefully.
ceiling lights,  Cafe-Vio-la

The restaurant’s color motif revolves around the colors of this chair cushion.
This could have been their inspiration.
Thai pattern chair cushion,  Cafe Voi-la
There’s a sink and a faucet in the lanai very near the wooden dining table.
Read: No water.   Toilet:  No flush.
Cafe Voila faucet

All day breakfast. I will put-up a restaurant that serves all they lunch.

I expected an all Italian menu because of their name but when I saw the list,  I got confused.  Lahat mukhang masarap pero iba-iba:    Yes they do have pasta and pizza,  but they also have Thai and Continental.   Meron pang daing na bangus.
Siguro their chef, Renan, is still trying to feel which would be the diners’ favorites.

After going over the menu list one by one I still couldn’t decide what to order.  I asked the waitress,  she said they are Thai,  International.   I see.  While she stood there waiting for my order,  she offered me kare-kare good for 3 persons for P595 although I was only by myself. Ganyan din sa The Grill by Antonio’s, nakita na nung waiter na isa lang ako eh, aalukin ako ng dish na good for 5 persons. Irritating.

Cafe Voi-la menu, breakfast


They gave me two small slices of bread. The french bread was perfect for the salsa dip. The round one is better with butter not with this salsa.
bread,  Cafe Voila

Their main event
Cafe Voi-la menu, main event

Satay with rice

Satay,  Cafe Voi-la

I was impressed with their plating. They served the satay sticks on a charcoal grill to keep it warm and for elegant and unique effect. Bravo.

The taste did not disappoint me. The meat was very tender and the rice was delicious.

Satay with peanut sauce

The cakes looked yummy but I passed. Napansin nyo ba ngayon, one slice of cake costs P200, P300, in some restaurants, P400+? Di ba dati that price was for one whole cake already? Now, it’t only for a small slice.
Cafe Voi-la cake refrigerator and reception counter

The silver plated Thai dish plate put a smile on my face.  It’s a nice touch.

food bill, Cafe Voi-la

Cafe Voi-la in Crosswinds, Tagaytay

After my meal, I ventured into Crosswind, up to their gate.
downhill road to Crosswinds

I was there on a weekday and off hours, at 2 pm, the place was virtually empty.  I saw one parked vehicle, with our company’s old sticker pa.

Shuttle inside Crosswinds
shuttle inside Crosswinds

The fog became thicker while we were leaving.
Foggy, Aguinaldo Hway

This is what I love about Tagaytay, the fog.
Foggy Windmill, Crosswinds


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10 thoughts on “Cafe Voi-la in Crosswinds

  1. Napakaganda ,Ms. A. Sana many investors will put more money to generate high-paying jobs in that place. Maybe software developing companies like Microsoft, Google, oracle, IBM, retirement homes na high end, etc… At Sana I-city planning Nila like small modern cities in other countries. At salute to investors like Crosswinds, because they put up with the risk as pioneers. At ang links ng kalsada parang sa other countries, Hindi madumihan ang mga shoes natin. Thanks for posting, maka punta nga.

  2. I think those sinks are sold in stores selling Thai furniture and furnishings. I’ve seen an antique shop in Tiendesitas selling one like that, but that was a couple of years ago.


  3. The best cheesecakes varieties I ever tasted. My favorite us the best seller, salted caramel cheesecake. A big slice. Sulit naman kahit pricey.

  4. Can we enter crosswinds for free and do they require reservations before going there?

  5. Cafe Voila – no reservations required but on weekends and for bigger groups, it would be good to make prior reservations.
    Crosswinds– I didn’t go beyond the gate. There’s no fee I think but It’s a gated community. You may inquire from their office or admin near the gate.

  6. except for the interiors, nothing’s really special. In fact, ordinary tasting food priced too high.

  7. This is so beautiful, what time did you guys get there? I really want to go when there’s fog.

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