Oyen is processing the SSS, Philhealth of our maids. Eto na, bistado na ang mga edad. Norm daw is 37. The biggest discovery is Antinola. Her employment application indicated she was 50+ when I hired her. Last year on her birthday she told me she was 52 although I had doubts but I just took her word for it. I also lie about my age by 1 or 2 or 3 years depending on my mood so it’s no big deal. Even if I am used to women’s subtraction skills, I was still in awe when I found out she reduced her age by 15 years. Whatta girl!

By the way, Norm’s skin has become noticeably flawless. Pinkish white. Dati magaspang ang kutis nya at hindi maputi. Ngayon, kutis porselana. Whatever she was religiously applying on her face, was really effective. No offense-meant, she now looks a little bit like Jinky Pacquiao. Ang puti ng kutis. Minsan pag tinawag ko, nagugulat ako kasi para syang multo, merong Lyna sa mukha. Eto na ang epekto. Success. Ang ganda na nya.


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