Is it bad to post gift-giving to the poor?

No, as long as it’s not intended to promote oneself, earn from a vlog, boost a website, a political candidacy, or a government position.

Ever since I started my blog and posted some of my charity works, food, relief distribution, etc. many got inspired to do something similar. Sharing our blessings to others in need even in small measure inspires others to do the same.

When I distribute goodies, my name is not printed on any of the plastic bags, paper bags, or envelopes. The recipients don’t know who is giving.

One time I was coming home from the airport, I spotted a woman sleeping on the sidewalk somewhere along the domestic airport. I instructed my P.A. to get off the vehicle, cross the street, and give the woman P400 if I remember it right. Ang sabi nung babae “salamat kay mayor, salamat kay mayor”.

The other night I was standing at the entrance of Robinsons Galleria Mall waiting for my car when I noticed two policemen. I approached them “Officer, bakit kayo nadito? Bantay kayo?”
They nodded and told me their duty is up to 10 pm.

A—-“Pwede ko ba kayo bigyan ng konting aguinaldo? Bawal ba na tumanggap kayo ng pera? Pangkape lang”.

They looked at each other and said to me “pwede naman.”

I think they were not sure what was happening. I handed out a P500 bill.
A——“Hati kayo, pang kape o Jollibee bago kayo umuwi.”
They smiled with reluctance. Siguro iniisip nila sira ulo ko.

I didn’t tell them to vote for me, like me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram. It was just random. I appreciate (good) police officers. We need them to guard our surroundings and to keep the community safe. Pang-kape is a very small gesture to show my appreciation for what they do. This is assuming that they are the good cops.

So let’s start giving, kahit konti lang.

Gif-giving packs

We used to distribute the Noche Buena food packs at night, but now no more. Delicado kasi maraming high on drugs. I just look for them during the day although it’s easier to find them at night.

He looked unsure of what to do with the food pack.    Pang Noche Buena!
Happy face

Mahirap gisingin, baka maalimpungatan eh magalit pa.

Eto hindi ko alam kung ano ang minu-muni muni.  After I gave him the plastic bag, wala lang, no reaction on his face.

Ako, namimigay lang eh meron pang kasamang interview.

A—- “Baki kayo namamalimos?  Wala ka bang trabaho?  Tiga-saan ka?  Ang daming naghahanap ng laborer, bakit di ka pumasok?”

“O hayan, sa halip na pera, pang noche buena”

I gave 100+ hotdogs and tasty bread to the Bureau of Corrections.  Sabi ko wala ng litrato but pagdaw merong donation kailangan merong picture.  This’ not the first time I donated hotdogs. Kulang ang dala ko, dapat mas marami.  When  I got  home  Edmund asked “saan mo dinala yung napakaraming hotdogs?” He saw pala the maids were so busy early morning preparing the hotdogs.

These are all her belongings.

Driving around, trying to spot homeless people

I reached Commonwealth Avenue.

Nagsisigarilyo pa.

Medyo payat yung aso nya.

A—-“Ano’ng pinapakain mo sa aso mo?”

Guy—-“Dog food.”

Wow, ang mahal ng dog food.

At first, I wasn’t sure if they were begging.  When the older woman saw me looking she extended her right arm and hand.

I think these are from another town.  Marami kasi pagpasko lumuluwas ng Maynila para mamalimos, marami kasi namimigay pag pasko.

Someone gave an apple, pero iniwan lang sa bangketa, ayaw kunin nitong mga pulubi.  Kunin ko kaya?

He looked happy after I gave him the goodie pack, meron naman akong consuelo.

She’s from Project 8 daw.

Tulog na tulog, I just left the supot infront of him.

I remember this guy, kahapon nabigyan ko na ito.

I wish for our country to be economically progressive.  I wish our government to be pro-business and not oppressive to businessmen, to encourage expansion and investments.   Yung tutoo, hindi pakitang dyaryo lang.

I wish more tourists visit our country.  Thailand gets 12M tourists/year while we do only 3M.  I wish we protect tourists and roll out the infrastructure needed.  Presentable and impressive airports are a good start.  Let’s prepare our country now, not in the future.

When tourists come, we want them to have good memories of their stay here and would therefore share their happy experiences with friends and families. The more tourists come here, the revenues would surely trickle down to the masses and fast.   Maraming makikinabang.  Baka mabawasan ang mahihirap.


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