Helping renovate school for students with disabilities

First-timer municipal councilor Engineer Bien Ojeda from Binangonan, Rizal didn’t have to say it twice when he asked for my support to renovate the special sub-school for students with disabilities inside the compound of Guronasyon Foundation National High School in Barangay Bilibiran.

Guronasyon National High School has 6,000 students plus 37 students with disabilities. Since they cannot all be accommodated, the classes are subdivided into several shifts and run from morning to late afternoon.
The classes for special students are for two hours only because people with physical and mental impairments can’t withstand sitting in the classroom longer than two hours.

I visited the school today to see for myself what this project is all about. I wanted to have a better understanding of what I was getting into. Also, when Bien mentioned to me that the school was originally the project of former Rizal Congressman Gilberto “Bibit” Duavit, the more I felt inspired to help.

The one-and-a-half travel time from my residence was all worth it.
I was surprised there were hundreds of students lining up the narrow road leading to the school compound.

Guro nasyon students


I was given a warm welcome. The principal, teacher, parents, and volunteers expressed sincere appreciation for my support. They said I was an answered prayer. They’ve been praying daw for a long time for someone to come and help them. Ako daw ang ipinadala ni God. Oh my God. Me? I didn’t know what to say and how to react. There are hundreds or thousands of people who are more financially capable to take-on this project. To think that I was the one sent by the heavens would be pretentious on my part. Basta ako eto, kahit papaano eh may maitulong kahit kaunti.
Guronasyon school for disabled, welcome program

It was me who should be thanking them instead. It’s an opportunity to help and the project is commendable. Engr. Bien Ojeda is also a trustworthy individual and since he’s had many experiences in construction being a contractor himself, I am at ease giving him my support. Politico sya pero ang alam ko malinis ang kanyang hangarin na makatulong at hindi sya corrupt.

Guronasyon, school principal

Guronasyon visit May 8, 2024

Konsehal Bien Ojeda spearheads the noble initiative of renovating Guronasyon’s school for students with disabilities.

I didn’t know there will be a short program. I thought I will just do an ocular inspection of the school to see what can be done to help them. Kala ko I will only spend about 15 minutes to meet the teachers and Konsehal Ojeda. Hindi nga ako nagbihis ng maayos. Ang suot ko pa ay palda na mukha akong tabachuychoy (talaga naman).

Two students sang for me. Being a parent myself, I could not imagine their parents’ sadness when their kids turned out to be lacking in normal abilities to care for themselves. These two would need their respective family’s forever nurturing and care.

They even prepared food. Nakakatouch naman. Until I was about to leave, they were still thanking me profusely. Answered prayer daw ako. Matagal na daw sila nagpe-pray every day for someone to come and help them. Me ako!!!

Engr. Bien treated me to a lutong Binangonan lunch at Michael’s. Ang init lang kasi walang aircon and mainit talaga lately.
Bien knows what my favorite food is Pangat na Dalag na merong itlog. I have many favorites and pinangat na dalag is one of them. Ang sarap ng kain ko. Merong sawsawan na balaw balaw. Our halo-halo for dessert was bought from another place.
Pinangat na Dalag

After our lunch, I proceeded to a short meeting then off I go.
A minor motorcycle accident caused heavy traffic adding another 30-minutes to my travel time.

I got home feeling a bit physically tired due to the heat and by sitting in the car for a long time. But knowing that I did something good today made my heart full.


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