Hindi ko talaga kayang ipapatay si Harry my first cow

He’s building a paddock for the cows and Shallow kasi they destroy our trees and plants kaya they need to be contained in  a separate area. We want them to be able to exercise their legs and roam freely, not in cages. Eh ang problema, si Harry. He’s matapang and cannot be let loose with the other animals kasi aawayin nya. My husband reminded me this morning that Harry is old and matapang. His first sentence made my chest react. I knew what was coming.
A—- “Hindi ko kaya, kawawa.”
E—–” Eh anong gagawin mo, tatanda rin, magiging masakitin, mamamatay rin.”
A—– “Hindi ko talaga kaya.”

I can’t imagine Harry being whisked away and forced into a truck, and he would be mooing and crying, calling for help. They will bring him to the slaughter house and butcher him. My husband told me to stop imagining. They will get him daw when I am not around.

I can’t. Tumulo na luha ko, I cant help but imagine. Recalling our conversation makes me very sad. I am not meant to
to be a rancher. There was a time I toyed with the idea of putting up a ranch. Hindi ko linya, masyadong malambot puso ko.

Edmund said cows are meant to be eaten, not to be pets.

My sister in law Eleanor with her sister Cecil visited the farm on April 10, 2024 and met some of our animals / pets.
Here, Edmund shows them the work-in-progress paddock.

Dimple visits farm 4/10/24


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