James Taylor Live in Concert in Manila

I wish I had a photo of our old giant television that looks like a piece of buffet table. That’s where my brother placed the stereo components he bought when he first came home from San Francisco. That was his big pasalubong for all of us. Came with it were dozens of long-playing albums popular then and still popular now. Barbara Streisand, Carpenters, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, John Denver. Donna Summer, Nat King Cole, Diana Ross, Everly Brothers, Osmond, Jackson 5, Paul McCartney, Olivia Newton-John, Bee Gees, and James Taylor.

Some of their songs are still buried in my head 50 years later. And who will ever forget You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor?

So when I found out that Kumpareng James, now 76, would be here for a concert, off I went to get two tickets for me and Edmund.
When I first asked him if he would like to come with me, there was a pause and his face looked uninterested. Parang “I will think about it”. I just bought two tickets and bahala na kung sino isama ko. But in the end, he went with me I didn’t know if by choice or napilitan lang. I would like to think he enjoyed the concert too.

Edmund and Annie at James Taylor Concert

We caught the tail end of the front acts, Ice Seguerra and Filipino folk singer and composer Noel Cabangon. It was my first time to see these artists in person and I was surprised at how incredible they were. Ang galing pala and I liked their original compositions.
I am now thinking of inviting them over here at our residence to perform but when? On our next wedding anniversary maybe or when ever. One problem, our living room is too small for an event like that. Baka musical instruments pa lang nila puno na itong sala namin.

Ice Seguerra, formerly Aiza Seguerra, made a successful transition from being this cute little star to a respected musician. Her compositions are beautiful.

We used the break to grab some comfort foods.

James Taylor Concert, fries

James Taylor concert, Edmund and Annie

Sweet Baby James

Look at this Handy Man lyrics….”If your broken heart should need repair. Then I am the man to see. I whisper sweet things. You tell all your friends. They’ll come running to me. Here is the main thing that I want to say. I’m busy…”

The lyrics in his songs are very relatable and they all make sense.
Long Ago and Far Away….. “Where do those golden rainbows end? Why is this song so sad? Dreaming the dreams I’ve dreamed my friend, loving the love I love to love is just a word I’ve heard when things are being said.”

Fire and Rain was released in 1970

One can never get tired listening to You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor.


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