We can have free dinner or heavy cocktails at the hotel but we chose to find a nice restaurant in the mall para maiba naman. We wanted to check out their food center for casual dining and more choices but we got tired of walking far, looking for it. We ended up in an upscale restaurant called L’ETO which started as a cafe in London.  It now has branches in Oman, Kuwait,  Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE. And guess what, they have Filipino waiters kaya we right away felt at home.  And the biggest surprise,  the chef at this particular branch in Dubai mall is none other than a Filipino from Pampanga.

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L'ETO Cafe


L'eto toasted bread
Edmund’s beef tenderloin


Edmund liked their version of Tom Yum.  It’s hearty and can be a meal in itself.
L'ETO restaurant, Tom Yum soup
Their chicken teriyaki is very different from the chicken teriyaki I know.   I don’t recommend this dish of theirs.  The chicken is too dry.

We haven’t checked the conversion rates.  Hindi pa namin alam kung mura or mahal.
L'ETO bill
We weren’t sure yet about the tipping custom or policy in Dubai.  We asked the hotel staff.  Tipping daw is not required and we can give any amount, it’s not based on percentage unlike in America.   We haven’t familiarized ourselves yet with their currency and the conversion rate.
L'ETO tip


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