Maid and Driver Connived

I didn’t go to the office today but I went out of the house twice. I went to a bank near our village and malakas lang loob ko kasi they have ample parking space which is rare. I went to inquire about something and their landline just kept ringing. The two cellphone numbers were not registering. Since they’re just a kilometer away, I just went. I really wanted to go out for the heck of it. I am beginning to feel claustrophobic.

I parked alongside the road so I didn’t have to make maniobra kasi the parking was almost full and masikip to turn around.

Their security guard has been there ever since I can remember. Siguro 15 years na. I think he recognizes my face but doesn’t know my name. I am just guessing.
I only stayed inside the bank for maybe 10 minutes. When I was about to leave, it started raining. Not rain-rain, but still enough to wet my clothes. Since I parked several meters away from their front door, I decided to stay put hoping the rain would turn into a drizzle.
I stayed outside their door while waiting although the guard offered to bring me to my car with an umbrella. Ay ayoko nga kasi madidikit ako sa kanya, instead of 6 feet, it’s going to be 6″ away.

Actually, I didn’t want to leave yet, I just wanted to while away my time. I felt a little low and had nowhere specific to go.
I went back inside and sat at the velvet bench.

There was one client inside this small bank. She seemed very familiar with the bank employees, obviously an old client. She was complaining to the bank manager and the tellers that she lost three expensive watches, a Chanel bag, a Louis Vuitton carry-on luggage, and some gold bracelets. They found out about the theft only yesterday afternoon after arriving from a weekend holiday. The maid and driver destroyed the lock in her drawer where she was keeping some cash.
She lost P40,000 cash plus US$ 700, and a few hundred Hongkong Dollars.
The driver helped the maid hide the LV bag in the car’s compartment and drop her off outside the subdivision’s gate. Their driver has been with them for 6 years and the maid, 3 years.

The maid and the driver had gone hiding, baka nasa Boracay na, nagliliwaliw.


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