Watched Passion Play Sequence 2

My husband was a little disappointed that I chose to go back and watch Sequence 2 of the Passion Play. We’ve traveled thousands of kilometers to come this far, so what’re another 2.5 hours of watching a play in the German language?
E—–“Babalik pa ba tayo? Alam na natin ang nangyari kay Jesus.”
(Oh yes, sir ee)

We all took the bus shuttle from the front of our hotel to the main road leading to the Passion Theater. We still have thirty minutes before the hard start so I wasted no time shopping for souvenirs. Speed shopping is my forte. I bought a few items including a teacup and saucer made in Bavaria. I wished I had one more day here in Oberammergau to shop, and maybe shop again for unique items made in Bavaria.

Passion Play Sequence 2

Our tour mates, Cheryl, Liza, and Grace.

Manny, Jina, Marilou, Architect Dolly, and Dominique.

Eto kami. After watching this Passion Play, I predict babait ako ng mga tatlong araw.

Edmund —- “Tart gisingin mo ako pag naghilik ako.”
A—–“Matulag ka pero huwag kang mag snore.”
After an hour—-
A——“Crooookkkkk, crooook, croooooook”
Edmund—— “tart, tart, nag-i-snore ka”
Oh my God, ako pala ang nakatulog. Nakakahiya. I sounded like a chicken.

Edmund decided to leave at around 8:30 pm because he couldn’t wait for the play to finish. Ngawit and antok na sya. I decided to stay and finish it to the end although antok na antok na ako.

Naiyak ako when Jesus died and was nailed on the cross. Nakakiyak.

But after that scene, the 64-person choice appeared on stage and started singing again, hayun, naidlip na naman ako. Kung bakit naman, when I am not home I couldn’t sleep when it’s time to sleep, tapos dito, I have to be wide awake, dito naman ako antuk na antok. I will hire the choir to sing at night. Ang himbing siguro ng tulog ko.

The audience clapped and cheered after the last scene in an expression of their appreciation for the hard work and dedication put in by the hundreds of performers and thousands more behind the scenes. The performers are inhabitants of Oberammergau and they are all volunteers. Any profits earned from ticket sales were used to build something for their community like a swimming pool, park, etc.

Hundreds trooped to the comfort rooms before leaving the theater. I noticed no one was giving tips for the toilet cleaners. Kawawa naman. I dropped some money and I made sure the other women who were waiting in line saw me. My intention was not to boast or magyabang. I just wanted to encourage them to show appreciation to the cleaners. Those were volunteers also, they were not employed as janitors.

Tip box, Passion Theater
My husband and I walked to the main street together with hundreds or thousands of tourists who came to watch the play. While waiting for the shuttle bus, we stood in front of this store to take cover from the rain. Nalibang ako magtingin ng tinda. Sayang the store was already closed.

Store display, Oberammergau


Biglang naglaho ang mga tao. I was busy looking at the displays when I looked I was the only one left. My husband was also nowhere to be seen.

Nagtakbuhan ang mga turista to ride on the shuttle bus. I could not leave because Edmund surely would come back and look for me. Pero ang dilim dito, and raining. My husband got the umbrella. My suspicion was he went to look for coffee, siguro sa kalalakad eh napalayo.

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