The back-to-back storm had left the Bay Area and this morning although it was foggy, there was no more wind and rain. I am glad because I am leaving tonight for Manila and I hope not to experience turbulence the way Edmund, Oyen, and Jebel, did buti na lang Theo was sound asleep during the two-hour non-stop turbulence. His Lolo hugged him tightly for fear Theo would get dislodged from his embrace.

Foggy in Galdub

I find it hard to say that I am going home tonight because where is home? I am not referring to the brick-and-mortar houses. I am referring to the saying “Home is where the heart is”. My son is here in America. And my siblings too who are sadly down to three. My son is my home. My siblings and their families are my home. And in the Philippines, I have a husband, a daughter, and a kyot kyot apopoo. They are my home too.

A part of me feels sad because I will miss hanging out with my son. Our trips to Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

We like going to Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton to drink coconut shakes with boba, eat popcorn chicken, and have a 3-minute coin massage in front of Macy’s Department Store. I sit in the car while he gets patunog ng buto at the Joint Chiropractor. I just like hanging out with him.

We’ve been skipping dinner since last week but last night we treated ourselves to a nice Hibachi dinner at Hana Japan in Dublin.

I always feel this way every time I leave for Manila. Oh well, I’ll see him again during the summertime. I hope I will have many more summers to come, two dozen vibrant and happy summers.

Foggy and luggage


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