We survived a week of zero maid. It’s no big deal actually. Our dogs are also handling it well. We feed them before we leave the house in the morning. In the afternoon, they all run towards us kasi mga gutom na.

Today, two maids arrived. They were recruited by my employee from Morong Rizal.
All the drivers were outside his morning so I sent a security guard to pick them up from the gate. When they arrived, I let them rest and eat first. After 45 minutes, I came down to meet with them. The kusinera was frowning. Then I noticed her face was whitish and pinkish, as if there’s a heavy cream splattered on her face. I remembered a whitening cream most popular among maids in the 70s or 80s. I asked why her face was pinkish, baka kako may allergy. She replied with a smirk that her skin is really like that, it turns pink when she’s tired. Huh? She just walked from the village gate to our house, sat and ate, she’s already grouchy and is having a skin reaction from tiredness? Diba diva sya? Hay naku. I am not pinning my hopes on her. I doubt this lady would last even for a week.

Ilan daw kami dito. Tatlo lang kami lagi pa kaming wala sa bahay. The whole week next week, dalawa lang kami.

The laundry woman looks like she has a better attitude than the cook. I showed her how to clean the powder room. Pakonti-konti lang ang assignment kasi they might give up after one hour.

Our house is generally clean kasi there are no more little kids around. There are only three of us and most of the time we are out. Even if the doors and windows are closed, the pollution and dust manage to get inside.


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