He / She calls Filipinos demons11:32 PM Tuesday February 09, 2021 |

This person madly hates Filipinos. After reading this, I wonder how you would react.

February 1, 2021

I totally agree with the stylist, filipinos are the ugliest most evil animals ever! I have some old filipino neighbors who need food now since covid, they have been harassing me since I moved in over 5 years ago, using his hearing aid to spy on me through the walls, while his ugly wife just lets him do it, they constantly wake me up acting like they want me to come to their apt, banging and squeaking furniture making loud annoying noises all day and night, even in the am hours like 1, 2,3, 4, and 5 am!!.. One night when I went to bed, I heard what I thought was a mouse trying to scratch it’s way from their nasty apt to mine. They can run around all day making noise, but they didn’t do anything when they heard the mouse, I ended up waking up with not a mouse but a baby (RAT) from their apt in my damn bed sleeping with me!!. I had the exterminator reseal the area that the rat scratched it’s way through. I have the exterminator come to my apt monthly, they avoid having their apt done, now that they are in need they want to be friends??…NEVER happening, I am waiting for them to die, if they are hungry they can eat the rats living in their nasty apt, they will NEVER get a crumb from me, they are nothing except beggars anyway!!. I will always hate all filipinos now after having them as the worst neighbors ever!! nasty, ugly unclean, evil rodents is what they are!! DIE FILIDEMONS DIE!!!

OMB’s reply to aka Morva

Oh how unfortunate that you feel that way about Filipinos collectively. While I do not agree that we Filipinos are that kind of demonic race as you imagine we are, I wish you peace of mind so you should consider moving to another apartment. Your anger and hatred is consumming you. I wish you peace of mind.

February 7
In reply to Annie.
WRONG, the stupid filipino neighbors seem to be consumed with me!! Anyone who spy’s on a person with their hearing aid is obsessed! I am not consumed by the hate I feel for these animals, I vent and get it out, I am an expert at ignoring them these days, and from what I am hearing from their 24 hours a day attempts to get my attention, I don’t think they will be here much longer, the hunger is getting to them, and they have begged so much in this building that no one will help them anymore. I have to say I am overjoyed that they seem to be closer to death!! I am hoping to see the grey van come for their begging bodies!!. I refuse to move in the country where I was BORN because some ugly stupid filidemon immigrants are harassing me!! no immigrant will make me move anywhere in my own country!!. They are old, and the wife is already sick, I figure when she dies, he will follow her, and even if they stay alive, they are miserable, and I can live with that. Actually they are so desperate now that they haven’ been making as much noise as usual. I guess the are trying not to anger me as much as they do, but just them being alive angers me, because I hate evil, and they are evil, who in their right mind bothers someone who isn’t bothering them, for 5 years and 5 months!!?, They are trying to do the begging crap that you filidemons have your little ugly filidemon children do when tourist go to your ugly filthy country, beg until someone gives in, but that will never happen with me, I am not the type that anyone, especially an ugly filidemon immigrant, will ever be able to make me do anything, so they will never get anything from me!! this can go on forever and I will NOT give in!!, there is nothing that they can do at this point to change how I feel. I am enjoying their pain, they deserve all the pain they are experiencing, maybe they should have saved their money instead of buying a tone machines that I hear them playing next to the wall near my bed, trying to make me like them. Machine voodoo!!, I can’t believe how stupid these ugly creatures are!!. They are especially after me, because they saw me helping other people in this building with food, but I will never help them or any filidemon!!. Either way you look at it, they are on their way OUT!! If I pass on first, not a problem, I will haunt the sh^t out of them until they pass on and then I will beat their souls until they have none!!, but if they go first I will be done with hearing their mentally ill obsession with me, can’t even use the bathroom unless they are waiting for me in theirs, to turn on their light switch so I can hear that they are listening for me. I will never feel anything but HATE for all of the ugly filidemons in the world, but I can live with it, so you don’t have to worry about my hate for all of you filidemons!!

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December 30, 2018, Las Vegas

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