Edmund played golf today so he got so tired and fell asleep right away as soon as he came back to the hotel. Although there was a breeze, he said he could still feel the heat which was draining.

I didn’t want to get stuck in the room on our last night in Dubai so I went out at 8 pm to go to Dubai Mall.

Before I entered the train station which connects to the mall, I asked a girl to take my picture with Burj Khalifa.


I didn’t know that the girl I asked to take my picture is Filipina.
The two of us instantly became friends and spent 30 minutes kwentuhan.
Janeth has been working in Dubai for more than 10 years now and has recently been promoted to store manager. She likes it here because she said they are treated well, and the living conditions are good. It’s safe and orderly.

She supports her mother in the Philippines. Her husband and daughter are currently in the Philippines hoping to be able to rejoin her soon.
Janeth, Dubai OFW

Janeth was waiting for the bus when we met. We exchanged contact numbers and if ever I find myself in Dubai again, the two of us will hang out together.
She is a college graduate, smart, speaks good English, is hardworking, and has a good heart. She takes care of her family and makes a lot of sacrifices to provide for them. She is still very young and many good things will still happen to her. All the best to Janeth.


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