The holiday season is over but parties aren’t over yet. I attended several Christmas parties last December, gatherings, birthday,s anniversaries, meetings, and this January, parties are ain’t over yet.

I have attended so many parties or even small gathering of people from all walks of life. Lately, na-te-turn-off ako sa mga ginagawa or sinasabi nila. I have become less forgiving, sign of old age.

I am not a party organizer, a social graces guru or etiquette expert but please allow me to mention some of my do’s and don’ts that are applicable not only when in a party or gathering, but in our day to day life as well.

1. If you’re one of the guests, try your very best to come on time based on the time indicated in the invitation, text or email. If it’s a big cocktail party where guests come and go, then it’s okay to come a little bit later, if you are not a special guest. Do not arrive too early, like an hour.

2. Read the invitation well. Do not wear Filipiniana if the attire indicated is Smart Casual.

3. If you are the host, then make sure your venue and food are ready half hour before the time you indicated.

4. If the party is at your house, please make a one last look at the mirror to check if the Goody curlers are still on your bangs.

5. If you invited yourself to a business competitor’s event, give courtesy to the hosts by a simple “Good evening”, Hi or congrats, kahit kunwari lang.

6. Do not gate crash if you are not invited. Even if it’s a grand launch of their showroom. mahiya naman if you have been back stabbing them as competitors, please do not show your face in their event. But if you cannot be stopped, and you really want to go, pls cover na lang your face and show your ass instead.

7. If the party is held outdoors and you’re sticky, please do not beso-beso others most especially ME! I do not like sticky face.

8. Ladies and men too, do not attend a party if you just had your warts cauterized.

9. Ladies, please, it’s not glamorous at all to attend a party immediately after you had your face done. Medyo halata kasi yung lips naka busang-sang. And cheek bones are too unnaturally high. Last night I saw someone whose cheekbones are as high as her nose. Medyo halata, parang sumobra.

10. When seeing friends, a handshake or a quick cheek to cheek is okay. Do not linger, meaning, bitawan mo agad yung kamay, and do not use your lips to kiss the cheeks. Kaya nga cheeks to cheeks ang tawag, hindi lips to cheeks.

11. Do not inhale the perfume of the person you are making beso-beso, para kang aw-aw.

12. Do not kiss the cheeks with open and wet lips. Only 90 year old people do that.

13. No touching of cheeks, whether female to male, male to female, male to male or female to female. Kahit kunwari biro lang. That is flirting or “chancing”.

14. No touching of hair, again, this applies to all gender ABCD or XYZ.

15. Women, do not be too touchy to the other female guests. Do not rub your hands up and down their backs, do not put your arm around the other female’s bewang. Do not rest your hand/arm on your female seatmate’s thigh most especially when she’s wearing mini-skirt.

16. Women, do not be too touchy also to the other male guests especially if they are not your husband, father, son, nephew or apo.

17. Do not dominate the conversation. Allow others to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas also.

18. KEEP DISTANCE. Do not stand too close to the person/s around you. When engaging in a conversation, do not stick your face too close to his/her face. I have seen women stick their faces an inch away from men’s faces. Kulang sa pansin ng kanilang mga asawa? Walang magkamaling pumansin that’s why kailangan ihalang ang mukha nya sa harap ng mukha ng iba.

19. I have also experienced some women speaking to me with their body and face too close for comfort. That’s very awkward.

20. I saw a woman squeezed between two people seating at the table, rested her upper body on the table while wanting to speak to the other guest/host. What’s that gimmick? Papansin? Flirting? Seducing? Selling something? Serving your face, shoulder, armpit on the table? Anti-pasto with extra vinegar?

21. Although our society has become modern and open, it is still very improper to ask others even if they are your friends if he has, or had an affair, or had a mistress. That is none of your business. And you are embarrassing or putting the person on the spot even if he has never done that. It is doubly improper and very disrespectful to ask that question more so in front of his wife.

22. In the same token, never ask a woman if she has a boyfriend other than her husband, unless the woman is single, you are single, and you intend to court her.

23. Never ask a couple if they still do it. Why are you interested? Inggit ka?

24. Never ask a woman if she is already past menopause. Why are you interested? Inggit ka rin? Gusto mo ring mag-menopause?

25. Never ask a guy if he uses enhancement for his birdie? Why are your interested? Lambot lambot?

to be continued


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5 thoughts on “25 Party Do’s

  1. “19. I have also experienced some women speaking to me with their body and face too close for comfort. That’s very awkward.”

    I know you and your husband are homophobic, but please do you really have to equate “awkward” to being “gay?”

    oh c’mon. and yeah, I am gay and a regular reader of your blog.

    1. I am not homophobic. Edmund is a little bit, he doesn’t like to see PDAs.
      I was about to write the word lesbian but I thought baka that’s more inappropriate kaya I used the word gay instead. Sorry if you got offended.
      Thank you Jopet for regularly reading my blog

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