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Several years ago I bought a set of Oneida stainless steel cutlery good for 20 people. My goal then was to slowly accumulate more of that same pattern so that when we have parties at home, I will have a complete set for 40 – 50 people. It didn’t happen. Instead of accumulating, the original 20 are slowly disappearing. I no longer have a complete set for 20 but kulang-kulang na. 12 of the forks, 10 of the spoons, maybe 15 of the teaspoons.

Oneida still carries that Michelangelo pattern but I no longer wish to buy the same pattern again to complete my set of 20. Parang nakaka-discourage.

I still wish to have a complete set (different style) so that when I have parties I will have a good-looking table setting with uniform design of spoons, forks, knives, etc.
Uso-ngayon iba-iba ang silya but I don’t think uso kung iba-iba ang kutsara.

I found a gold set in Crate & Barrel which my husband didn’t like. Gold na gold daw. Baduy daw. My mistake was asking for his opinion. To please myself, I just bought a set for four people. When I went to Crate & Barrel last Saturday, the Made in Italy gold set was still on display. Gusto ko pa rin sya. I know they would look good with my table setting. If I mix that with plain dinner plates or with simple design, it will blend nicely. Bagay yan pag kangkong ang ulam. Bibilhin ko pa rin sya siguro next year kung narun pa rin sa store. I still like its simplicity and plainness. I will buy it when my husband is not with me. Makikita na lang nya, nakalatag na sa lamesa.

The home accessories store adjacent to Crate & Barrel in Broadway Plaza, sells high end table wares. David M. Brian store sells expensive spoons, forks, knives, dinner plates, porcelain chargers. Alam ko merong mga mamahalain na mga kubyertos but actually seeing them in person made me realize, abah isang lamesa pala one could spend 1,500,000 pesos for the spoon and fork, plus another 1,000,000 for the dinner plates plus the crystal glasses pa, plus place mats, linens, bibili pa ako ng magandang mesa at mga bagong silya para super ganda. Hindi na bagay ang foldable plastic tables and cheapipay na monobloc chairs.

Wallace sterling silver US$750 set for one person x 20 px plus sales tax =
P 841,500 for a complete set for 20 people. This is not the most expensive. I’ve seen a sterling silver with a similar design with a tag price of $1,200 + sales tax x 20 px x P51/$ = P 1,346,400.

Wallace silver cutlery setting

I got so excited when I discovered that they (David M. Brian) are Herend dealers. Those dinner plates on the topmost shelf are made by Herend. I thought, hmm, I don’t need to travel to Budapest to complete my set.
David M. Brian dinner plates

$730 plus tax x 20 px x P51 = P 819,060 table setting for 20 pax plus $120 for plate charger / px. Total 819,060 + 134,640 = P 953,700

Herend dinner plate,  David M. Brian store

Ang yayaman pala ng mga nakatira dito sa Walnut Creek kasi mamahalin ang mga tinda.
I can imagine how beautiful my table would be like. Saka na ako mag-iimagine pag tumama ako sa Power Ball.

O this one, Royal Brown Derby, it’s a little bit less expensive $540 / set + tax x 20 x 51 = P 605,880. I like the green and gold combination.
Royal Crown Derby plates

Mahirap maghugas ng pinggan, kung maids baka mabasag lang yan. Sa America naman mainam pa paper plates na lang. Ihahagis na lang sa basurahan. Tipid sa tubig, tipid sa dishwasher cleaner, tipid sa tissue, tipid sa pagod, tipid sa bulsa.

David M. Brian
Address: 1129 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
Phone: +1 925-947-1991


  1. Hi! I found your blog by accident but thought I’d share with you a little tip for buying silver, China, crystal, etc. for much less than retail: buy from auctions! I have a set of Waterford crystal in the “Kenmare” pattern that I got for, maybe, $300? There’s about 40 pieces: 10 water goblets, 10 red wine, 10 red wine and 10 champagne. I bought most of it from an auction, and the rest I needed to complete my set came from eBay. My biggest prize, however, was my Royal Crown Derby Old Imari china. Normally, one five-piece place setting costs about $950… I bought 10 place settings for $2,000 on eBay! It is the most beautiful pattern. I’m sure you know it since you collect Herend. 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to say hello and tell you my shopping secret. Take care! Samantha

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