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My Oh my buhay reader recommended Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for a cure to my son’s problematic skin problem. Someone in her family is taking this with good results. He stopped taking steroid tablets and creams and now swears to have better skin.

I finally found some bottles at the Vitamin Shoppe , where Edmund bought his vitamin supplies.
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

We went there actually to look for Ester C vitamins.
Ester C vitamins

While Edmund was looking at other vitamins to buy, I went to the aging section (wrinkles hello), and looked at anti-aging, anti hulas mukha supplements. The problem with me, I do not believe that these things would do wonders for me. I always think wala ng remedyo itong mukha ko, hulas na hulas na talaga. Because of stress these past few months, I aged tremendously. Kitang-kita ko sa mukha ko.
Hayy sad. Ohhh stress, layuan mo akoooo.

I didn’t buy any anti-aging. I moved to the detox section. Naku ang dami kong ide-detox. All my organs.

My sister’s friend said she drank freshly squeezed and pure lemon juice every morning for one month, then her fatty liver disappeared. Sabi naman ng mga doctor fatty liver can no longer be cured. I have fatty liver. Would this detox work?
Liver Detox

When Edmund was paying at the counter, all of a sudden I suddenly remembered about the apple cider?
I asked the cashier if they have Bragg. Oh Yes they do. And dami pala. I’ve been standing beside this shelf for over ten minutes, I didn’t notice. Kung ahas ito, tinuka na ako.

I got one small bottle.
E———-“Dalawa na kunin mo, magtitipid ka pa”.

Hindi sa nagtitipid ako, baka kasi mabasag sa maleta, at baka hindi magustuhan ng anak ko ang lasa ay hindi inumin, baka masayang lang.
We bought two small bottles, testing muna.

Bragg Organice Apple Cider Vinegar

Thank you to my dear oh my buhay reader, Lesley Ang.


  1. Ms. Annie, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is available here. In SM, Metro, Rustan’s. It’s readily available, you don’t have to bring it home with you.

  2. Bentonite Clay can also help with skin problems, as a clay mask it absorbs the toxins. It is supposedly healthy to drink too, as its negative charge attracts toxins and flushes these out of the body, but I’m still working up the nerve to ingest this.

  3. An, you can also buy Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar at Healthy Options in the Philippines. They also have at the supermarket at Market Market.

  4. Another way to determine who makes the best apple cider vinegar pills is to look at the ingredients list. Most supplement companies will list their products by what they contain, and if a product does not list everything you need to know about the ingredients, then you may want to consider going with a different brand.

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