Destination Disneyland: The Child In Me

My family is still in disbelief that among the many exotic places we can visit for the holidays, I choose to go to Disneyland and not some place else we’ve never been to.   They are laughing at me,   teasing me.   Those who got hold of my vacation plans are also quite surprised with my choice.

Disneyland brings memories of a few moments in my life as a young mother.
Oyen was two years old when we first brought her there. Nyke was still drinking formula milk when we first brought him there. Nagpapabuhat pa, ayaw maglakad, ang bigat pa mandin. Going back is not only going back in time, reminiscing, but also having fun with the people I care most about.

The thought that we are going to ride the It’s a Small World boat excites me. My husband finds it weird that I still want to go to Disneyland as if we’ve not been there a couple of times before.

My husband is the KJ type. He already declared he’s not going to join us in the rides. He will just find a spot, sit there and drink Starbucks. Ang corny nya!

Disneyland will only be fun if we’re going there with our friends, family, loved ones.

There is still a child in me. To borrow a line from the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, “we should not lose our childlike enthusiasm”.
Whether you are 55 or 75 just enjoy the moment. Life is too short to be KJ.


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4 thoughts on “Destination Disneyland: The Child In Me

  1. You ‘re right, there is always the child in us..Age doesn’t matter as long as we enjoy going back to these places…Go Annie !

  2. Ms Annie, the newest DL is in Shanghai. It’s 5 times bigger than HK DL. DL also in Tokyo, Paris, Anaheim and Florida. I just thought you should go to sa DL that you have never been to for something new to see.

    1. Hi Lolit. Thank you for your suggestion.
      For some reason I have no desire to see HK Disneyland.
      We’ve been to Disney World in Florida when my son was four years old I think.
      My husband and I passed up the chance to go to the one in Tokyo. We skipped the tour and instead just stayed in the hotel. It was winter and raining, too cold for me. Only my children joined the tour.
      The more important reason why I want to go to Disneyland in Anaheim is nostalgia. That’s were we went a couple of times when my children were still little. It’s nice to go back and reminisce those days.

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